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| Monday, April 16, 2018


Someone commented that the referee for the Commonwealth 7s final will arrive in our country shortly and we should welcome him with open arms.

I say, yeah, welcome him with open hands.

Rua sara na ka katakata i daligana.

Pita Soroaqali


You made us proud

The team made us all very proud. They won the Hong Kong just seven days ago and played another final at the Commonwealth Games.

Congrats to all involved especially Baber and families of all players for their sacrifices.

It's a marathon and World Rugby should seriously look into giving a break other than killing the players on consecutive weeks. History proves that it's rather impossible for any team to win back to back.

I believe interest in the game will gradually decline if the trend continues.





Congrats to all our 7s rugby players for the courageous performance during the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

We are all proud of your achievements and silver medal win.

One thing I would request to our rugby officials to see that in future when we play Australia or New Zealand we do not have any referee from these countries.

Whether you like it or not I believe they have feelings for their country and our boys get penalised. This is the same thing that used to happen in soccer when Australia was in the OFC.

So please do the right thing and let us all see a fair game played.

Nardeo Mishra




After the destruction of the two tropical cyclones, I believe it is absolutely uncaring and cruel for a national leader to turn his back on a suffering population to attend another more important global meeting.

I believe this is pitiless and unsympathetic!

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi



Why do players and officials treat the Commonwealth Games as a learning curve.

Dan Urai




Sorry FEA I really wanted to know how safe is it to play in floodwaters where and when high tension cables are buried to a depth of about six feet?

Sukha Singh


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