Lack of roads

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu | Monday, March 12, 2018
A day in Suva is crazy enough with a week maximising the craziness, especially if you come from paradise Savusavu!

Traffic congestion is maximised to the extremes in Suva; road courtesy is hard to come by, regular accidents are a norm, and the lack of road rule knowledge is clear to see.

Traffic issues in and around Suva are not only crazy but absolutely shocking.

While we have allowed a never-ending influx of motor vehicles into the country, we are certainly lagging in the development of suitable infrastructure in our urban centres.

It's only too obvious that the reality of these traffic issues and the craziness that come with it is brought upon drivers by the simple fact that there is a shortage of roads in and around our urban centres.

The quicker I get back to paradise the better!

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