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| Thursday, February 15, 2018


I was at my friend Allen Lockington's house for his birthday celebration when the bottle truck drove up his street.

They were calling out: "Bottle … bottle, battery … battery!"

The funny part was when they came to Allen's gate they started calling: "Kosa … kosa!"

Narayan Reddy


Power of


Seeing the devastation Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston did to Fiji not too long ago and Tropical Cyclone Gita to Tonga this week, I believe only a fool would think they would have shred Gita apart (FT 14/02).

One has to bow to nature's wrath - you're not God!

Rajeev Sharma

Canberra, Australia



What's cool about Lent is that it falls just about the time that our new year resolutions have fallen to the wayside.

Use Lent as a reminder of all the things you wanted to do to make 2018 a better year.

It's your second chance.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



I went to the hospital the other day and I found out that the debris that was left after the fire has not been cleaned because asbestos was at the Lautoka Hospital.

Can the minister concerned please have asbestos removed and the area cleaned up and repaired?

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka



BECAUSE of the instalment of new pipelines, there has been reduced water pressure in some areas where water was installed decades ago.

The villagers of Naimalavau, Nakelo, Tailevu, which at times have no water throughout the day or at times throughout the evenings, are now relying again on water tanks to help them with their daily needs.

I believe all the villages have a main pipeline and nowadays we are all connected to one pipeline. I believe this may have caused the reduction in pressure to the villagers connected in the middle of the pipeline than those at the end of the pipeline.

I am not so sure about the nearby villagers and their water pressure, but there has been a difference in water pressure we are experiencing right now.

Hopefully the relevant authority looks into this issue urgently.

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