Making the right decision

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu | Thursday, February 15, 2018

As our boys march into camp and with the return of solid forward "Eyes" Katonibau, the hard yards must begin.

Baber must continue to work on our set-pieces, restarts, discipline and one on one tackles.

He must emphasise on the importance of playing as a team and support play, and what the impact of having a player sent to the sin-bin could have on the team.

Baber must reiterate the importance of making crucial decisions.

Against the Blitzbokke when Fiji was down 5-17, our boys took the lead because they made the right decisions.

Kyle Brown had won the restart and South Africa was near our tryline, but a crucial intercept by Nasilasila saved the day. Had the ball been knocked forward, Nasilasila would have seen yellow.

Fiji immediately went on attack and a floating pass to Nasoko was taken well by Naduva to score our second try.

The lesson here was support play and the ability to play the length of the field.

The next crucial decision was made by Jasa and that was winning the restart.

Then Nasilasila saw that South Africa had no defender and opted to kick. It worked well as Branco was sent to the "naughty chair".

Jerry made a crucial decision to call for a scrum knowing that South Africa was a man down.

This allowed our boys to continue piling pressure.

When Kok broke clear on the outside, Jerry tackled him and our counter-ruck was brilliant, resulting in Fiji stealing possession.

The ball came to Nasoko then to Naduva and Fiji's third try.

Sin-bin cripples a team, makes them commit errors and allows the opposition to build momentum.

Fiji applied pressure and this resulted in veteran Kyle Brown knocking the ball forward.

Our boys gave the Blitzbokke a taste of their own medicine by keeping them in their territory and appliing pressure.

Sau made a crucial tackle and Senatla was penalised. This resulted in our fourth try.

Game over!

It is important that our boys view the footage of their games and Baber has a one on one session with the players. This will strengthen our team bonding. If our boys can maintain the tempo from Hamilton, then we are in for a treat.

The important thing is making crucial decisions and tackles, taking opportunities, providing support in defence and attack, contesting the restarts and converting tries.

All over to you Mr Baber!

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