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| Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Maha Shiv Ratri

Maha Shiv Ratri, a solemn Hindu festival, is celebrated annually in honour of Lord Shiv. It marks a remembrance of overcoming darkness and ignorance in life and is observed by showing love and remembering Lord Shiv and chanting prayers, fasting and meditating on ethics and virtues necessary to lead a positive life. Hindus in Fiji will converge in temples to give thanksgiving by seeking the blessings of Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati! I wish my Hindu brothers and sisters a blessed Maha Shiv Ratri celebration and may the blessings of Lord Shiv bring joy, peace, success, good health, unity and prosperity.

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam

Nasawa, Nasinu

Hands off Gita

As I read a warning from Tonga which says "Look out Fiji, Cyclone Gita is heading your way", I burst out laughing. Not this time. It should be the way around "Look out Cyclone Gita, don't dare intrude into Fiji. This time we will shred you apart!"

Usaia Tagi


Cigarettes, kava

I can't understand how many families struggle to make ends meet yet they never cease drinking yaqona and smoking cigarettes, considering how expensive they are! It's become a nightly ritual and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down. What's extremely concerning is that there are children involved and the majority of them will follow suit. While it's your business what you do, it is totally irresponsible on your part, as a parent, not to prioritise your children. Get your act together!

Simon Hazelman


Talanoa concept

We travel globally to introduce our talanoa concept to the world. Now it takes a foreigner to come to Fiji and tell us to improve our own talanoa. Be it at family front, religion, vanua or politics, we have a home-grown solution which can prove a difference in our life as a nation. Talanoa is the way forward and we must practise it regularly.

Ilaitia Bose


Sand dunes

Great performance by our rugby heroes and well done Baber. Can you please take the boys to the sand dunes ... I mean the Sigatoka sand dunes. They really need it.

Kelera Talebulamai


Athletic events

With the Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Finals around the corner, can Athletics Fiji answer my query as to why walking, hurdles and pole vaulting are among some events that's not part of the competition program? I was watching an Australian documentary where students were competing in walking and hurdles.

Jonas Bradburgh Makoi

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