UN concern

Joan Mcgoon,Jetpoint, Martintar, Nadi | Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Our visiting UN commissioner on human rights is appalled at the discrimination and violence of women across all sectors (FT 11/02).

Stated truly, our culture is meant to resolve issues and not increase them. Cultural and religious values are meant to preserve and provide fulfilment in relationships.

It honours both men, women and children. So what else could be the problem?

Perhaps the choice to not adhere to these norms? Which is our gift of free-will of course but then the consequences are detrimental to society in general.

I believe women are denied equality and recognition in their fields of work because they are possibly considered inferior.

They are bullied, ridiculed and harassed.

I think our value of humanity and its dignity has decreased and thus the concern from the United Nations as it is the basic human right of every individual, to have and to preserve their dignity.

If women (or men) are not receiving this respect at home, they will venture elsewhere for this recognition.

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