Eticketing issue

John Milesi,Levuka | Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I had occasion to travel between Korovou and Nadi International Airport on February 1. As there are no outlets in Levuka to purchase etickets, I was able to get a $20 disposable one from the bus checker at Korovou.

I refer to your article "How does it work" in The Fiji Times on October 13, explaining how the eticket system works. In Point No. 9, it stated that any balances on disposable etickets would be refunded in cash on the provision of the ticket and appropriate ID.

As a matter of interest, while I was waiting for my flight, I thought I would request a refund of the small balance on my eticket.

So I went to the mobile company shop and asked the young lady for a refund.

She burst out laughing and said "No refund". She seemed to think it was a great joke — I did not. She could certainly use some training in customer service. Yes, Allen, it is "getting curiouser and curiouser".

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