Police warning

Suresh Chand,Nadi | Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another timely warning from law enforcement agents comes to light.

This time, it is to do with child safety during adverse weather situation. Well, we are already in the adverse weather period.

I think the police know the gravity of the situation thus the warning.

According to media reports, police will lay charges of negligence on parents and guardians if a child is harmed during this adverse weather situation.

I applaud the acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for the initiative, ensuring child safety — which I think must be taken seriously by all.

I urge the parents and guardians of those children who are constantly seen jumping off the Nadi Bridge all the time.

Before a precious life is lost, please take heed of police warnings seriously.

You can't be that occupied that you don't know what your child is doing.

Sadly, I believe police are never seen interrupting and chasing the children at the scene.

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