Saqamoli support

Alex Waqalevu,Lautoka | Sunday, February 11, 2018

I take it up from Kameli Rakoko's extract in The Fiji Times sports column, Thursday February 8, 2018 about a system to be put in place to give 7s rugby fans in Fiji the chance to give a saqamoli towards the welfare of our players, which would be the best way to show our Fijian appreciation.

It is high time to do something like this.

Just think back to the 1980s, 1990s and now in this new millennium, nothing was ever done by the Fijian fans.

We watched their games. They won and lost yet Fijians fans talked and criticised but we did not lend or stretch our hands to give them something, showing our appreciation, only a "vinaka boys".

What use are these two words to our players?

There maybe fan clubs who have embarked in doing so but we think that doing it collectively as Fijians is far better because all players sweat for the victory and played as a team. As they say, "We train together, we die together."

Could we have some trustworthy citizens to help organise a saqamoli drive to go towards the 7s players' welfare?

It would be the best appreciation ever done by Fijian fans.

Las Vegas is next on March 2 then Vancouver. We kept on watching and giving comments and criticism but they did not help our players physically in terms of welfare etc.

Fast planning and organising are very much needed here, please.

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