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| Saturday, February 10, 2018
Audit query

NOW that the defamation case against the Auditor-General has been dismissed by the court (FT 9/2), it will be interesting to see how the audit query regarding the awarding of the contract without proper procedures being followed will be dealt with by the authorities. It's all about transparency and accountability.



Bauxite share

$54 million worth of bauxite has been exported from Bua to China (FT/8/2/18) in two years. Would be interesting to have the breakdown of the $54 million shared with landowners.

Dan Urai


Speed limit

Most buses and trucks have 60km/h written on them but almost all of them drive more than 60km/h on roads that are meant to be 50. They get away from motorists because of their size. What can be done to control their speed?

Narayan Reddy


Social media

It seems to me that social media is for sick-minded people too. People pose without a purpose, sickening posting and a way of purposely spreading lies. So pathetic!

Usaia Tagi


National problem

Road accidents are becoming a national problem. It should be addressed by all national leaders, community leaders and religious leaders. It is no longer the responsibility of the LTA, police or road safety officials only, it is everybody's responsibility. It is doing more harm than drugs. It is killing people and leaving behind distraught family members. The road was constructed to ensure safe transportation, now it is a killing field. We all have one life, enjoy it responsibly. Safe weekend Fiji.

Mesake Sivoinavatu

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Bragging rights

I believe governments will brag about their achievement only when they lose confidence in the people.

Dan Urai


10s games

Watching the Fiji Tuwawa's first game yesterday in the Brisbane 10s rugby tournament on TV was my first experience of this abbreviated code. My first impression was that it was similar to 7s with its fast and free flowing pace. I could not help notice though that there were a number of our players who were in my opinion struggling to keep up with the pace mainly because of their physique which was on the heavier side. If I was asked to put a team together, which in all probability would not happen, I would pick 90 per cent of my team from the national 7s squad. Just a thought.

Emosi Balei


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