No false sense of safety

Fred Wesley | Saturday, February 10, 2018
Sometimes we are drawn into a false sense of security when the weather differs from the daily forecast.
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

There may have been a heightened sense of apprehension as the forecast focused on bad weather initially, only to dissipate at the first sign of one of those bright and sunny days.

That is why it is important that we consider the fact that we are still stuck firmly within our annual cyclone season which stretches from November to April.

The weatherman confirmed that Tropical Depression 07F intensified into a Category 1 tropical cyclone on Thursday night.

Now named TC Gita, the system lay to the far north-east of Vanua Levu at 4pm yesterday. Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravind Kumar said the system had continued to intensify since Thursday and attained Category 1 status.

Another system, Tropical Depression 08F, he said, had started to trek back towards the country.

Earlier this week, TD08F had moved southwards away from the Fiji Group.

TD08F which was located about 135 kilometres southeast of Kadavu or 90km southwest of Matuku at 4pm yesterday, he said, was expected to affect the group until tomorrow.

The chance of flashflooding and flooding of low-lying areas remains high, he said, in areas of localised heavy falls, especially where the ground is very saturated and more rain is predicted.

We should be proactive. We should consider appropriate arrangements in the event there is a sudden change in the weather system.

Many of us can be complacent. Some people will ignore weather warnings. They get a false sense of hope because the weather looks fine.

They shrug aside preparation and instead potentially place their lives in danger if the weather was to change.

It is in our best interest to take appropriate action to safeguard property, livestock, and our lives.

There is no harm being on the side of caution.

The report by the weather office is apt warning. It should be treated with some degree of respect. There is safety in being prepared.

Weather warnings must be heeded.

As much as we would want to shrug aside any thoughts of bad weather looming, perhaps we should consider the fact that the weather office is simply fulfilling its role in ensuring relevant information is disseminated to the masses. We will ignore that at our own risk.

It also means we have been given enough time to consider appropriate action to stay safe.

So let's be vigilant. Let's pay attention.

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