| Friday, February 9, 2018
7s package

CAN the FRU tell us the cost of the overseas consultant, who is lobbying for the international sevens to be held in the country.

Secondly, how much has each player signed in their contract?

Usaia Tagi


Gladiators' class

OUR gladiators showed class by their defence as well as their attacking form in defeating the likes of Samoa and New Zealand.

Smashing the South Africans in the final was truly showing the world why we are the best in the 7s game.

Not forgetting how we ran circles around Australia in pool play.

Marvellous and just out of this world.

Vinaka boys.

Richard M. Abel


Chiefs justified

WITH the 20,000 plus Fijian crowd attending the Hamilton Rugby 7s, it was a great way to give back and to say vinaka vakalevu to the Super Rugby Chiefs side and its residents for coming to Fiji for the third year in a row.

Sorry Damian — the Kiwis did not meet your expectation at the Hamilton 7s, however, the Fijians are waiting to cheer on the Chiefs when you are back in Suva soon.

Hamidan Bibi

Huon St, Toorak, Suva

Rugby view

YOU got to be a sevens rugby expert to say Gareth Barber had no influence on the latest sevens win.

Yes Donald Singh, you are right only when the team loses the coach is responsible and when the team wins all credit to go to the players.

Sukha Singh


Hamilton win

I thought that firecrackers were all finished, but to my surprise, looking outside, I saw beautiful and different colours of fireworks shooting up in the sky just after the final whistle blew for full time between Fiji and South Africa.

Oh what a night!

Vili Yaranamua


Fiji players

I am still wondering how come Fiji 7s players are not professionals.

What is hindering Fiji men's and women's 7s players from receiving local lucrative contracts?

Why isn't our 7s achievement attracting investors and government initiatives?

It's a million dollar question indeed.

Mesake Sivoinavatu

Pago Pago, American Samoa

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