Sevens magic

Norman Yee Mehrotra Place, Martintar, Nadi | Friday, February 9, 2018
Well done! We've got our "mojo" back in Hamilton 7s! Such exhilarating magic!

Our dear captain's explanations partly explained the loss in Sydney.

Our sympathies to him. I believe the fans' criticisms also played a part in the comeback.

We were all hurting, the fans, the players and the coach himself too.

I remembered the strong words given by Ratu Peni when we did poorly in one of the games. That worked!

Please coach don't bring in more new players as the team by now has clicked.

I am not in favour of getting Oscar to play in the USA. Why spoil a good combination?

No need for Ice or anyone else to step in.

Awaiting the next game with great anticipation. Go Fiji, go!

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