Sports administration

Lawrence Wara Suva | Friday, February 9, 2018
What is it about sports administrators, especially the big wigs that are in charge of our rugby for both codes?

It was sad to hear the grumbling of our very own Bati still lamenting on the promises made to them before the world cup and now the big one says they can go if they want to, as they have the players to fill in their places.

But let me remind you that it was because of the performance of the current players that the interest in the 13-man game has soared in our country, and also after they shed sweat and blood and that's how you treat them?

Seriously what is wrong with these administrators?

Two weeks ago it was our very own 7s gladiators, who weren't on contract, thus, the outcome was Sydney after all the administrative hiccups were taken care of, lo and behold, we conquered Hamilton ... sure the big man played a part but God helps those who help themselves and by the way congratulations to our gladiators for a good outing.

The same can be said about the big dogs who make the decisions regarding our workers and they keep forgetting the greatest asset in any organisation is its people for if you treat the staff well they will repay it tenfold, with supervision of course but can you see the resemblance?

So what is wrong with our administrators?

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