Operation Tatarovi

S Dean, Lady Narain Drive, Tamavua | Thursday, February 8, 2018
The Fiji Police Force has launched Operation Tatarovi, which focuses on five leading causes of accidents on Fiji roads, namely speeding, drink and drive, dangerous driving, pedestrian at fault and driver fatigue (FT 3/2).

May I add some more to that list such as total disregard of road rules, for example, you take the busy Samabula junction where Waimanu Rd, Kings Rd and Princes Rd meet. There are two lanes which are clearly marked with arrows, the one on the left points to Princes Rd and the one on the right clearly points to Kings Rd, with the traffic light pointing in the same direction.

Do you think drivers follow the rules?

No! Clearly every second vehicle from the right lane enters Princes Rd, which is a single lane, thus creating a very dangerous situation.

I have avoided many mishaps on this junction while travelling from work. This happens at every traffic light and roundabout and I haven't seen anyone being taken to task yet.

The other concern is of drivers overtaking other drivers on bends and double lines, taxis parking in the middle of the road in the city near shopping centres with hazard lights on, picking, dropping or waiting for customers, thus creating traffic jams.

Lately, it has become a norm to just switch on your hazard lights and stop wherever you want with total disregard for oncoming traffic.

I hope the authorities concerned will do something so that driving becomes a pleasure and not a hazard.

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