Passion and pride

A. Shariff Shah, Savusavu | Wednesday, February 7, 2018
The passion and pride comes out in the form of tears rolling down whenever our boys stand for the national anthem.

The fact of the matter is no other team on this planet experiences the same.

It brings national pride for us when we see these boys cry with passion and pride. It tells us that we belong to this beautiful nation.

Winning and losing is part and parcel of any relationship, business and foremost in any sport.

Critics have strengthened these young boys and our coach.

Please just say enough ... not too much ... as all have emotions.

People only miss Fiji whenever they are out of it.

As one banner clearly displayed during the final said, "Coconut and cream bun power". I request all not to forget your roots and get united not only in sports but in everything we do.

Together we can.

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