Congestion issue

Lawrence Wara, Suva | Wednesday, February 7, 2018
On Monday night as I made my way home we came past the Kings Wharf and the taxidriver pointed out the large number of new vehicles that were just off-loaded for one of our prominent vehicle brand suppliers. We both commented even with our current status in traffic congestion all over the country there are still more vehicles coming in, and still not enough roads.

I believe I have raised this issue a few times that the big wigs really need to make some really drastic decisions and try to solve our road congestion issues. I had mentioned a few options like a bypass with a toll booth, or even a train system and now my latest ingenuity, a ferry to carry a maximum of about 20 to 30 vehicles from Nakasi to Suva.

The reason I chose Nakasi because unlike Nausori it has only one way into the city whereas in Nausori you could go up Princes Rd.

Either way we seriously need to look at the road congestion in our country, you might come up with the answer that the congestion is caused by roadworks, sure that could be one of the causes, but we must look to the long term and refer back to my intro where there are more vehicles coming into the country and not enough roads. Take for example my case … we have to wake up at 5am to get ready for work and school, and we live in Cunningham.

Now even leaving at 6.30am could be late so we may have to start thinking of waking up as early as 4am. So can the top dogs tell me is that a healthy way of living even though we live within the city boundary, now consider those living further, now that's another story.

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