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| Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Hamilton tournament CongratulationS and well done. The management and team identified the flaws in Sydney and overcame them in Hamilton. All the best in the next games. Dan Urai Lautoka



For a political party to win, they have to listen to the ordinary people of this country. They need to show by their actions that they have done so in ways that are credible and tangible, with a genuine redistribution of wealth to the ordinary people who create it.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka


are in order

Congrats to the Fiji team on their victory. Thanks for making us proud. What a turnaround after the half-time. May God bless our team. Well done.

Kirti Patel


Sea of


I salute our patriotic fans in Hamilton for supporting the national side. It was like watching a game of 7s rugby at home. The sea of blue and scenes of our flag flying high in Hamilton gave our boys the extra ounce of strength and motivation to complete the tournament unbeaten and end our string of losses. To my fellow Fijians, thank you so much for pouring in big numbers. You entertained and you did not give up even when our boys were trailing. You celebrated and danced when our flamboyant Fijians won. The words of encouragement and chanting from the sidelines made the difference. Thank you once again!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam

Nadawa, Nasinu


and soccer

No one has to be a genius to figure the difference between the above. Fijians have filled the pavilions, streets and malls in Hamilton celebrating "Fiji style". While the pavilions here for soccer remain empty. Can the CEO and the top brass please answer why? Don't hide, need straight up answers please. To our good PM, A-G and Minister of Sports, I believe you have read my previous letters. Please don't shy away from the facts. Do something. Soccer was once where rugby is now. Please ... please!

A. Shariff Shah




You proved the critics wrong by winning the New Zealand 7s in Hamilton. You played your best out there. That was awesome. Well done boys and God bless you all. God bless Fiji.

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