Bravehearts article

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane, Tokotoko Rd, Navua | Tuesday, February 6, 2018
The article titled Bravehearts on the front page of The Fiji Times (05/01) highlighted coach Baber's view about the win in Hamilton when he said, "It was about being brave and taking the risk that resulted in the win tonight and I thank the boys for that."

I voice the same sentiment as that of the coach in thanking the boys for the win and it is of course through courage and determination that led them to victory.

Nevertheless, I also want to voice my differences in opinion with regard to some of the things that Baber shared in the article highlighted.

First, he is fast to say that they will have down periods again, which to me indicates that the win was not convincing and he lacks confidence in the boys that they can only get better from here.

Secondly, I disagree with him when he said, "We have won a tournament but really unless I have won eight tournaments then we will have critics. That's the nature of being a coach because people don't agree with the way you play."

You do not have to win eight tournaments to stop people criticising you, here it is all about consistency, for Ben Ryan did not win eight tournaments in a series, however, was consistent that he was able to win the sevens series title back to back and people supported him even.

To conclude, I want to let the coach know that it is not the nature of being a coach that people do not agree with the way you play, however, if you are playing the right cards people will agree and be content with the way you play.

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