Sevens commentators

Tuimasi Lote Masitabua,Suva | Monday, February 5, 2018

Is it paranoia on my part or is there something that commentators abroad has against the Fijian 7s team.

I have noted that when a call goes against our opposition, there seems to be numerous replays time and again with commentaries of how unfortunate that team was and how the referee's call was incorrect.

However, when it goes against us, the call is just shrugged off like this is what happens to all teams.

Two dubious calls made by the man with the whistle was not scrutinised by the commentators even when the replays showed otherwise during the Fiji-Spain match.

The high tackle which was said to have made contact with the head and a forward pass which lead to the oppositions first try.

It was so frustrating to witness our 7s team trying to play the game with only five players up against eight opponents at one stage.

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