Let it sink

Dr Gyan Prasad, Nasinu | Sunday, February 4, 2018
I READ with great interest in your news article (Suva's Sea of Steel — FT 1/2/18).

It is actually quite appalling to find out that a cost of $220k was incurred to haul two derelict vessels from the Suva Harbour.

It would actually be cheaper to sink the derelict vessel and sinking it would be advantageous to all especially the resource owners.

The submerged vessel would be a nidus for all sorts of marine life and will eventually promote the growth of coral which again would breathe life into the polluted waters of Suva Harbour.

A quick Google search will show that worldwide people are dumping everything from cement blocks to oil rigs in the sea just to facilitate the redevelopment of marine life.

Surely, we in Fiji, can be smarter and avoid the cost of towing derelict vessels away.

Just let it sink.

Dr Gyan Prasad

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