A smart move

Naveen Dutt, Wainibokasi | Saturday, February 3, 2018
I have been driving between the Suva and Nausori corridor for some time now and I was thinking if there was any possibility for FEA and the Telecom Fiji Ltd to get rid of the power poles and devise a plan, such as an underground cable system.

There are too many wires and it could be a health hazard.

Powerlines and poles also take valuable space and could very likely be damaged by cyclones, heavy gust and even road accidents.

So many people have also died through reckless driving that has led to vehicles crashing into power poles.

If we have an underground system, the wires' lifetime increases and it is not exposed to rain, sun or even wind. It no longer becomes hazardous.

If we have not tried, let's see if it is possible. I believe the Suva-Nausori corridor is the busiest of all roads and having an underground cable system would make the road and the area safer.

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