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| Thursday, February 1, 2018
Traffic jams I believe traffic congestion is because of lack of infrastructure planning, an inefficient public transportation system and encouraging car imports beyond our necessity requirement coupled with the fact almost every workplace starts at 8am and knocks off at 5pm. Dan Urai Lautoka



I saw water tanks that have been placed around Lautoka without taps. Water gushing out like nobody's business.

Oh my goodness the Water Authority of Fiji is doing something good for us and people do this.

I am just flabbergasted.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



Reading an article in the world news column, I was in awe to know that some countries in the world still value and conserve their religious law to which a crime is committed if these laws are violated.

Suli Tokalau




Leaving the Fiji 7s team beside the dot, my worry is on team Australia when next time they meet the Blitzbokke in any of the matches.

Ashis kumar


Not our


When our boys beat the Kiwis in pool play, we all lifted our hands in the air and shouted, "yes, this is a good sign".

When we lost in the quarter-finals to USA, we bowed our heads in shame and said, "Oh, no! We are finished!". When the Kiwis beat us in the fourth/fifth place play-off, we started condemning everyone associated with the team. What is happening people?

Our team is not the only one that has lost. Even the current World Rugby Sevens circuit champ lost in the final. People, let's be more sympathetic towards our sevens team.

Maybe it was just not our day. Hoping to see them do better this weekend in Hamilton. Best wishes boys!

Joeli Naleca




Some people have been stealing the water taps from water tanks that are placed around Lautoka.

Some of these tanks are already filled with water and when the people who steal the taps, all the water in that tank is wasted.

We are only a day away from the water cut and please people stop stealing the taps because you might just not have water because of someone's wrong doings.

Narayan Reddy


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