Sevens skipper

Sowani Vito, Naivilali, Nawaikama, Gau | Thursday, February 1, 2018
I believe our Fiji rugby 7s team lacks a credible leader on the field. The void left by Kolinisau needs to be filled quickly if our team is to be serious about being a contender in this year's series.

Taking nothing out of Jerry, he is a great player, but not the right man to lead the team on the field. We have seen how many times great rugby team captain has led their team out of certain defeat.

If there is something our team needs the most, it is a pack leader.

The loss of certain players such as Kolinisau, Eyes Katonibau and a few others leave many things to be desired.

When asked why he chose Martin Johnson to lead the England team to the 2003 Rugby 15s World Cup, winning coach Clive Woodward said England rugby needed a strong personality, not only on the field, but also out of the field.

According to him, a captain needs to be a tough guy, not only in the way he plays, but also in the way he talks, carries himself on and off the field, to have the respect of the players.

Anyway, I did not watch the last tournament, we over here were just listening through our talatala's phone.

The last loss to New Zealand gave our grog a foul taste. Luckily the phone belongs to our holy man, otherwise it would have flown out the window.

Happy hunting in New Zealand guys! Win or lose, Fiji all the way.

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