My take

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka | Thursday, February 1, 2018
Soon we'll be hearing some mouth-watering poll manifestos that will woo voters during the coming general election. I hereby present my own manifesto for you to consider.

I will apply my search for truth to political issues, and not allow any party or political leader to unduly influence my values or my vote.

I will be critical of political strategies that tell me what to think in order to increase the power of a particular party.

I will question what the media tells me, and be aware of their opportunistic, sensationalistic priorities that I believe are ruining both politics and culture today.

I will examine political statements for what they are not saying, and for what they are meant to steer our attention away from.

I will reject cliches and political rhetoric that attempt to stop me from thinking beyond them, no matter how comfortable they feel.

I will take responsibility for my own political choices, and not blindly follow those of my parents, friends or advocacy groups.

I will support political leadership only so long as it represents what is good, and performs its duty honourably.

I do not expect perfection from a leader, but will actively condemn hypocrisy, dishonesty, manipulation of the issues, nationalistic creeds that try to shape my opinions, and "patriotic" rhetoric that tells me to stop thinking and fall in line.

I believe such oppressive tactics oppose everything that Western freedom and democracy is all about.

I will write letters to the editor, send opinion to my representatives, and positively articulate my opinions — with a constant sense of courtesy and perseverance.

God bless Fiji.

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