Sydney effort

Spencer Robinson, Suva | Thursday, February 1, 2018
It is interesting to read and hear of the numerous comments over the media, kava sessions and on the streets of Fiji's poor performance at the Sydney 7s last weekend. While some commented on the errors that Fiji made filled with pure disappointment especially in the narrative, other comments were pleasing to read because it suggested ways in which Fiji could improve its performances.

I am amazed by the uncountable "rugby analysts" we have in Fiji. When Fiji wins everyone's happy with joy and the atmosphere is even better than Christmas. It's only when Fiji loses when the majority of us without thinking put up irresponsible comments especially on social media.

We as Fijians must understand that it is only the players, coach and management who would know what the core problems are and they must effectively work as a team to address them expeditiously.

I would like to encourage our Fiji 7s team to ignore those negative comments from irresponsible fans but take heed of the constructive comments to add to the strategies for future series especially the coming Hamilton 7s this weekend.

My best wishes to the Fiji team in New Zealand this weekend and let us all continue to support and cheer for our beloved team. Go Fiji go!

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