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| Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Give Baber a chance Oh, so the Sports Minister has said (FT 30/1) to give Baber a chance. I thought that this Government was built on performance? If you don't perform you go. So what is this? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



Half the faith is gone when we start accepting the loss. There were many flaws with the team in Sydney.

Fans could identify the flaws while watching. The team management's role is to identify the flaws and fix them. Better luck in Hamilton and all the best.

Dan Urai




I feel for the coach and team after a very disappointing performance. But a lesson to be learnt is "precise decision will bring out the best or the worst".

Suli Tokalau




It's always good to see the best team win but Fiji's loss is always heartbreaking.

Our team has been playing the same style of rugby from the beginning of this series until the Sydney 7s.

I believe there is no structure, no game plan, a lot of individual play, a lot of predictive off-loads and so on.

This happens because there is no game structure. Why only make three passes in seven minutes?

By now, Mr Coach, you should be perfecting your final line-up to continue the series and getting ready for the HK, World Cup and Commonwealth sevens.

Stop the experiments as we are running out of stocks. The match against NZ was brilliant, I mean, the first encounter.

Usaia Tagi




It's one thing to be a force to be reckoned with on attack, what about defensively?

Maybe Gareth Baber needs to seek out the assistance of the Australian women's 7s rugby team to teach our boys how to tackle and play smart rugby!

Zane Young



his face

Wise tell Cameron to wash his face in cold tea (FT/29/1/17) not hot tea, may help eradicate the forced tears from over welding in Samoa.

Dan Urai


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