Vegetable vendors

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka | Wednesday, January 31, 2018
I went to fill fuel at Saweni and I found out that the vegetable market that was on a private property which was given free to help the poor people to do some business was closed by the rural authorities.

The unselfish owner of the land even built sheds for the vendors.

Since the Lautoka Rural Authority gave notice to close down because it was deemed illegal, the vendors have made makeshift stalls about a metre away from the main highway.

Saweni is fast developing with many shops, primary and secondary schools and even a university.

Now with a shopping centre and a hardware shop a market was needed.

Since the vendors have moved very close to the road it poses a risk both to motorists and vendors.

Can the authorities concerned rethink about what they did because my government gave grants to some of these vendors whom you have moved.

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