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| Tuesday, January 30, 2018

in sports

All that you say in your elaborate editorial (FT 29/1) about Fiji rugby's "dismal effort" at the Sydney 7s and the steadfast support and patriotism of the Fiji fans is true.

But let us remember the best get beaten from time to time.

Look what happened to South Africa, the world's current number one, in the Sydney 7s final. They suffered a complete demolition job at the hands of the lower ranking Australian side.

We must not allow our patriotism to degenerate into jingoism in sports. I believe we have too much of that in politics worldwide and it's not doing humanity any good.

Rajend Naidu

Sydney, Australia

Give Baber

a break

We should give Baber and our 7s team a break. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12). Watching the end of the Sydney 7s, I noticed some supermen and batmen in action.

Even though rugby is said to be a game played in heaven, I asked God to only allow the earthlings to play in the game I was watching.

I watched as the supermen and batmen were bound and tamed. Now that is rugby that both the Australian teams played last weekend.

Korina Waibuta




Australia did great in this department when they gave players' mums the opportunity to hand over their sons jerseys while encouraging them to play their best, which was a tear-jerking event for the players.

It drove them to beat South Africa in the Sydney finals.

Dan Urai




The Fiji 7s coach is asking the rugby public to be patient. Very soon Baber will make a lot of people hospital patients. My patience has really run low and Baber should go before I become a patient.

Narayan Reddy



must go

Can we please kindly, in the Fijian way, ask Gareth Baber to go? The way we are heading, we won't be a team to bet on in the World Cup.

OK, we might have all those overseas players to look forward to, but what will Baber's grand plan be to use these players?

Umesh Nand

Koroba St, Nakasi

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