Let's face the reality

Chandrika Prasad, Suva | Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Tomasi Boginiso and Nishant Singh's letters to the editor in Monday's The Fiji Times hits the nail on the head, while Allen's grog is tasting salty and there are no more blackboards left.

The World Rugby Sevens Series is definitely slipping out of our grasp. We have today fallen to fifth spot.

South Africa has played in all the three finals and are leading the series consistency. Australia surprised everyone.

Let's face the reality and humbly request Baber to step down. We appoint a local for the rest of the series,

The Commonwealth Games and the World Cup. Under Baber's guidance we have only managed to win one tournament — the Hong Kong Sevens in 2017.

Our locals have proved to be successful in the past and I am positive this change will give us some hope in the future.

Please Rugby House, we need your intervention here to save us from further humiliation.

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