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| Monday, January 29, 2018
Sydney loss With staunch rugby 7s fans rationally demanding for Baber's head on a plate on social media after a humbling quarter-final defeat at the hands of "minnows" USA. I believe it's high time Gareth took the honourable step and quit as Fiji 7s coach. He came, he saw, but unfortunately failed to conquer and carry forward the legacy left behind by his predecessor. Thank you Baber. Nishant Singh, Lautoka

Fiji 7s


I believe Fiji has a great sevens team with a big mouth coach.

Naca Nabukavou,

Waqadra, Nadi



The other day I went to an animal welfare organisation for some medication used to prevent heartworm as well as to treat mange in dogs; these being two of the most common diseases inflicted on dogs in Fiji.

I was happy to hear they had it in stock, but upon hearing the cost, my happiness quickly turned to utter dismay: $245! Now this is a not for profit organisation, so one would like to hope they are not making a profit, nor should they be.

Inquiring about the cost at a private veterinary clinic, it was $35. Something is terribly wrong here.

The original goals of the organisation were for it to run as a charitable trust and not as a business or has this changed and no one has noticed?

Julie Sutherland,

Tamavua, Suva



Well the grog suddenly tastes salty.

What can we say but isa o Baber.

Huh, did someone say back to the drawing board?

There is none left, we need a new architect.

Allen Lockington,

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Fact or


The PM's accusation of "irresponsible reporting" by an unnamed newspaper ( FT 24/1) is that an established fact or just his personal opinion?

Rajend Naidu,

Sydney, Australia

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