Ticketing cards

Ilisabeta Camaivuna, Tamavua, Suva | Monday, January 29, 2018
I believe the eTransport system requiring mandatory use of electronic ticketing cards while at the same time making the sale of disposable cards by drivers compulsory is contradictory.

While electronic ticketing is laudable and will contribute to the development of the transport sector, the requirement that drivers carry disposable bus cards defeats the purpose of a cashless system.

A social media user last week posted a video showing an argument between a passenger and a driver because the driver did not have change for a large note.

Such situations are becoming common on our buses and they can probably be avoided if drivers do not handle the sale of disposable cards at all, instead allowing electronic ticketing agents to take this on.

It appears drivers are being victimised because of a problem that is not of their making.

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