Garbage bags

Rajesh Lal, Navua | Saturday, January 27, 2018

While returning home from work, last week, I was picked up by a friend, driving a gravel truck from Navua.

Among many topics of discussion during the ride, I expressed my concern at the issue of spilling garbage, from trucks carting to the Naboro landfill from the surrounding municipalities.

Even as we were discussing this, we reached Togalevu, where there were bags after bags of garbage spilled in the middle of the road and almost blocking the driveway to the naval base.

Upon witnessing this, the driver remarked that was a new initiative of the town and city councils, in response to all climate change talks, whereby the garbage was recycled and used as a substrate to fill the increasing number of potholes around the area.

Thank you municipal councils for your spectacular effort.

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