Education Ministry

Vijay Maharaj, Sydney, Australia | Saturday, January 27, 2018
We all know that the Ministry of Education is one of the largest ministries in Fiji.

I believe this important ministry needs a full-time minister to look after its day to day operations.

I totally agree with Narayan Reddy of Lautoka (FT 24/1) when he says that our Prime Minister and the Attorney-General are over loaded with so many portfolios.

I believe most of the government backbenchers are kept idle and we hardly see them out to deliver their bit.

Being a former schoolteacher I believe one of the current backbenchers Dr Brij Lal lacks nothing to run this ministry smoothly.

I served under his leadership and know his capability.

Because of his outstanding performance in the education field he was promoted to be the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Education where he served for a number of years before joining politics.

With his vast experience and knowledge I believe he will do well and surely reduce the heavy burden on our Attorney-General.

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