Close schools

Bimal Prasad,Newtown Rd, Wailoaloa, Nadi | Friday, January 26, 2018

I humbly request the Minister for Education to instruct affected schools in Nadi and Lautoka to be closed for the two school days that will be affected because of water cuts.

When you talk about schools, you are looking at hundreds of students.

I am aware a few schools have water tanks, however, just one or two tanks will in no way be enough to cater for so many students.

Worse, some schools have no tank at all. Irrespective of the availability of backup, just imagine the sanitary issues students will be facing in those two days.

Unflushed toilets, lack of at least sufficient water for washing hands, drinking etc., need to be considered.

While students are encouraged to get water from home (where they won't have enough as well), how good will a bottle of water be for a whole day without tap water?

Since schools started unusually earlier this year and will follow suit in the next two terms, I believe the two academic days lost will be covered in those extra school days.

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