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| Friday, January 26, 2018


I observe daily with great concern how children and adults are packed in buses right to the doorstep.

What happens in the event if the bus catches fire?

The scene will be horrific with the history of our bus fires.

All stakeholders please take this seriously and act now.

Vinod Kumar



7s leg

Here we are once again, another leg of the HSBC series and let's keep everything crossed this time, that our lads are up to the task at hand.

We hope and pray that bad omens and whatever comes our way, our gladiators will overcome the odds and show the world how much we love the game.

Anyway, most top guns are out to prove their worth and most of them are saying they want a win at the Sydney 7s and so do we. Toso ra boys.

Varaitaka i keri. Never say die! Just play the norm and all things will fall into place. It's in our blood.

God bless Fiji.

Richard M. Abel




It was nice to visit the museum after a long time.

Could the relevant authority please get the big clock fixed?

I believe it's still stacked at the time, I first left Fiji, unless we're still on Fiji time, otherwise, very friendly and accommodating staff members.

Moses Mani

Auckland, New Zealand



It is now 2018, do you know when the municipal mayoral elections will take place?

It's been a long pipeline.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



THE Sydney 7s is here.

Our team is in Sydney to do battle and coach Gareth Baber says it is about time we won.

Vinaka Baber for the confidence going into the first tournament of 2018.

But one player and one coach cannot do it. The team is ready and the coach is ready.

I am still waiting to hear where is the skill coach, kicking coach, and scrum coach that we need to keep mentoring the players in every facet of the game in the forwards and the backs?

All the best to the team in Sydney and my flag and cheer will remain high.

I believe without these expert coaches, Gareth it seems, will shoulder the responsibility alone.

Toso Viti, tukuna boy, veilomani and talanoa.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

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