Competitive issues

Simon Hazelman,Savusavu | Friday, January 26, 2018

It is elections year and yet again I believe there is a competitive struggle within SODELPA's ranks for provincial political power.

I believe internal wrangling has been part and parcel of SODELPA since its inception and the root of the conflict stems from rivalries along traditional and provincial divisions. Personal differences are evident and I believe such conflict will cause a total failure at the polls.

If SODELPA cannot get their act together, how on Earth will they be able to function in power?

Their performance in the opposition has been nothing more than a lacklustre affair!

They ought to wake up and first understand that unity within the party is the only answer to a robust, competitive SODELPA, nothing less!

We are in need of a constructive, robust and challenging opposition and so far they have proven themselves as not worth standing!

Sort your head out first and the body will follow!

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