| Thursday, January 25, 2018

Political rights

The miserable and gloomy situation of the people of Noemalu deep in the highlands of Naitasiri as shown by this newspaper (FT 24/1) is indeed heartbreaking.

I believe it's their political right not to participate in the coming election because of the "false" promises about roads which is making things hard for them. Someone help!

Amenatave Yaconisau,

Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Packed buses

Looks like some bus companies just don't care about children's lives and continue to overload.

Our children are packed like sardines in some buses. When an accident happens everybody blames LTA and the traffic department of the police force.

I am sure bus companies can provide extra buses.

Narayan Reddy,


Plastic bags

If we don't buy it, they don't make it, so why sell it for 10 cents?

Dan Urai,


Favourite show

Can somebody from Fiji TV explain why my favourite soap opera is not being aired at 9pm nightly? I am not a cricket enthusiast and missing the longest running soap in the country.

Emosi Balei,


New bridges

Travelling through the new bridges the other day, I found it hard because of the old signage still around and found some drivers very confused.

Hopefully the relevant authority will have them removed. But for the new bridges, vinaka vakalevu to the contractors and the Government of the day for getting better access for our drivers.

It took a long time but it was really worth it.

Tomasi Boginiso,

Nepani, Nasinu

Kava price

I believe an amicable solution is to be found on the price of yaqona. Exporters should cordially talk it over with the yaqona farmers who are all around the bigger Islands of the Fiji Group.

What will happen if another extreme weather condition like cyclones struck the Fiji Islands? Another hike in yaqona price?

Alex Waqalevu,


Bus stand lights

Let's save energy by switching on the Suva bus stand lights once it's dark or almost dark. Currently it's switched on in broad daylight at 5.30pm.

There were 10 by 4 feet tubelights switched on in daylight which is a lot of energy wasted!

Anshu Kumar,

Samabula, Suva

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