Political climate

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi | Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just because you are an Opposition Member of Parliament does not mean you are duty bound to criticise our government in everything good it will do in the implementation of its political manifesto to better the living standard of all Fijians even if the policies have to change to suit its agenda.

For the life of this parliament, I have never heard any thank you, congratulations, well done or bravo mentioned to our government side from the Opposition for the general public to hear.

Or is it wrong to compliment and appreciate a good deed? It is always about opposing views, opposing ideologies and opposing opinions from them although the numbers and the odds are heavily stacked against them, but nevertheless, it does not discourage our Government of the day and business goes on as usual for them

Differences aside, the political climate at home and its practice must change to bring about peace and for it to achieve a total overhaul of the new democracy we all desire for our country, our children can get it wrong through the many undesired and deplorable conduct portrayed in our parliament from both sides.

Fijians look up to both the Opposition and our Government as our country's ultimate and complete role models, it can be achieved.

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