Rubbish woes

Tomasi Boginiso,Nepani, Nasinu | Wednesday, January 24, 2018
I believe a lot of areas in Nasinu should organise their youths in picking rubbish in their areas once a week and do not leave to the municipal council to do all the job for them.

In our area after the council has done its job there bits and pieces lying about but no one especially houses where there were spots of rubbish left were not even able to clean it up.

Youth groups, women' groups, men's groups, sports groups, social groups are surely in these areas.

They could easily sacrifice a bit of their time in cleaning their areas.

Not only benefitting themselves but the community as a whole.

The municipal council could assist in so many ways by providing fuel to brushcutter owners in the area, get in machines for areas that may need them, provide refreshment or even T-shirts if they could.

There are some ratepayers who would like everything done for them maybe these would get them out and be part of the community.

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