Plight of our children

Suresh Chand,Nadi | Wednesday, January 24, 2018
EVERY day disturbing stories and pictures on children struggling to find decent learning facilities emerge.

This is no good. We are thankful to The Fiji Times for highlighting the plight of the suffering students and parents alike.

I don't think pictures lie. Rather than attacking the messenger, who is duty-bound to inform the public in the best possible manner, let's begin addressing the needs of the children affected everywhere.

If the funds given by our friends are insufficient, we look elsewhere but let's not leave the children suffering for heaven's sake.

The rehabilitation of schools destroyed by monster storm Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston two years ago had been prioritised and on the way what happened?

Please let's put our energy, minds, and collections together to bail the affected children out of their nightmare before the appearance of next grim story and picture.

These innocent children need our help right now.

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