Unsatisfactory feeling

Kositatino,Tikomaibolatagane,Toquru, Navua | Wednesday, January 24, 2018

First, I just want to make readers understand before I voice my constructive criticism that like any other Fijian, I am a big time fan of our Fiji sevens team from the Hong Kong days until today.

Nevertheless, lately I must say I am not really satisfied with the way the Fiji Rugby Union is handling its affairs and on top of that the unsatisfactory feeling about coach Gareth Baber, especially in his bid to form a formidable squad and work with, instead of scouting talents in every tournament staged every year.

Before the Dubai and Cape Town sevens in 2017, after listening to the selected 13 for the first leg, I wrote an article in this column predicating that Fiji will not win any of the two tournaments stating my reasons about Baber overlooking the larger squad he had been training and fast-tracking the two Drua 15s players. My prediction was right.

At the beginning of this year the coach has put out names of the 40-member squad that he is eying for the sevens series, Commonwealth and World Cup which will all be happening this year.

Nevertheless, he is still scouting for talents out there in all tournaments and the late ones are the tens tournaments and Coral Coast sevens.

I believe by this time, in his second year of coaching, Baber should have faith in the current core squad he has chosen and work with them and that means he should stop scouting and recruiting new players who may stand out in any tournament for the amount of talented sevens players in Fiji is accountable and will create uncertainty in his choice which will be costly in winning tournaments.

If Baber continues down this line I am pretty confident to say that Fiji will not win any of the three major titles in contention for this year, namely Commonwealth Games, World Cup and the sevens series.

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