Challenging year

Spencer Robinson, Suva | Tuesday, January 23, 2018
The first semester of 2018 will commence in a week or two as universities, colleges and institutes prepare for yet another challenging and exciting academic year.

Online and face-to-face registration have been continuing for the past few weeks for both continuing and new students.

Perhaps the most excitement and enthusiasm will come from "new" tertiary students particularly those who have completed years 12 and 13.

I must admit that university life or tertiary education is one of the best moments in life one can imagine, from the up-and-down to the sleepless nights of doing your assignments and studying for exams.

Apart from these experiences, tertiary education also offers a sense of appreciating the diverse and rich cultures of the Pacific.

It is in this "second home" that we get to meet new people around Fiji and other Pacific Island States where lasting friendships are forged.

Whether you are a private or sponsored student it is very important that you work hard with sacrifice and determination in order to pass with flying colours so that you complete your studies and eventually graduate.

Remember "money" that is invested on our tertiary education does not "grow" on trees.

Our parents and guardians work tirelessly to put food on the table and to financially support us with our university studies.

Let us not put to waste the investment made by our sponsors, parents and guardians on tertiary education but strive for academic excellence to make a difference for our "future".

Our hard work from pre-school, primary and secondary should be one of the motivating factors in tertiary education.

In addition, the sacrifices and "sweat" by our parents, guardians and families should be cherished and never be forgotten as this should be an important "driving-force" to make us work hard with passion in our tertiary education.

In conclusion, Nelson Mandela once said that - "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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