Working together

Colin Deoki, Australia | Monday, January 22, 2018
Imagine if the media worked with the Government and the Government worked with the media to not only highlight issues that affect our people — but provide solutions so that the people of Fiji benefited and prospered?

Instead there appears to be a confrontational style of co-existence where certain factions seem to come in to useless, meaningless conflict.

And the tragedy is that the conflict not only detracts and distracts from the real issues but it dampens enthusiasm and energy for everyone involved.

What a waste of time, energy and resources that could be directed to areas that really matter!

There are no winners, only lots of losers at the expense of unquantifiable opportunities for growth and development.

I love the story about Nehemiah.

When he was given the job of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, he refrained from the abuse of conspiratorial detractors and defeatists.

Instead, he focused on getting the job done by galvanising the people into action.

The Walls of Jerusalem were repaired in the record time of 52 days — no mean feat when you consider it was a few thousand years ago!

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