Government of today

A. Shariff Shah, Savusavu | Monday, January 22, 2018
Our government has done so much for the poor, needy people and school kids. Facebook was introduced for a good purpose.

People have totally abused it.

Now it's etickets. It's given to school kids ... but now parents use it.

Where are we heading as a nation?

Parents were lined up to get hold of the etickets from various outlets last week.

Their kids are offered free transportation to and from school, free education, milk and Weet-Bix for Year One, including solar power.

It's a far cry for those farmers who used to sell dalo from road sides to pay for students' bus fares next morning.

It's a big relief on their part.

Even those that are totally against this government were in the same line collecting their etickets.

No shame left.

Still the poor get manipulated by their so-called "anti government champions" who only spill rubbish out whenever they open their mouth.

I hope the people can open their eyes and see our good present government.

I believe failed politicians have thrown all their cards on the table.

Only option left is the race/religion card, which they are slowly but surely putting on the table for "showtime".

The present school kids can ask their big brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, etc, the hardships they faced in order to get educated.

Please ask them to think about you and your future brothers and sisters.

Please ask them to think about all mentioned above and rightfully vote for the present good government again in the next election.

Please stop this "beautiful country" from going back to the "hungry dogs" as in the past.

Together we can.

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