Think twice

Selwa Nandan, Lautoka | Monday, January 22, 2018
I FEEL compelled to respond to two letters that appeared in this column on FT 21/01.

A writer is asking Waisale Serevi to stay away from politics.

But isn't that his democratic right?

Does he need to take permission from his fans on what he should do and not do?

Do the fans consult him before saying or doing anything?

If not, then why should he listen to you?

By the way, when has it become politics to support or defend the rights of workers or human rights for that matter?

Serevi was there in his own personal capacity to give moral support to the workers because of his concern for their welfare.

He did not represent any political group or party?

The writer will do well to read the judgment of the Employment Relations Tribunal where ATS has been ordered to allow the workers to return to their jobs.

Another correspondent has belittled Ba for filing a protest against Nadi.

My friend, the rules that were applied in red carding the two Labasa players during the CVC match also allow the teams to register protest if proper procedures are not followed.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

That is what the rules are made for.

Just because Lautoka did not protest then Ba also should not do it. Is that your interpretation of the rules?

It doesn't sound logical?

It's obvious that some writers need to think twice before rushing to put pen to paper.

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