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Sailosi Batiratu | Sunday, January 21, 2018
ON pages 16 and 17, where we have for the past few years been carrying articles, recipes and food pictures, we have today an option people are aware of. However, being aware of something does not necessarily mean action will be taken in regards to it.

Also on page two, we have a report where a Cabinet minister is talking about non-communicable diseases or NCDs.

We have been made aware, on numerous occasions, of this problem through various avenues; health workshops, outreach programs and the mainstream media, Yet the problem persists.

Why? Well, that could be one of the easiest questions to answer. It's because people, despite the abundance of information and choices available to them, refuse to make a healthy choice.

It's only when they have suffered a disease and have had to go through the accompanying complications that they decide to change the way they eat and live.

For parents and older members of our families and communities, one reason for changing their way of life is based on their position in the family and society.

Being the elders, their words and actions, whether they realise it or not, has an impact on the younger generation. They surely can be an agent of change.

Another reason is that parents and other elders, most likely, are also breadwinners.

If they succumb to NCDs and all the other things that go with it, it could mean a big reduction in their ability to provide for their families and those who depend on them.

In this scenario too, they have been agents of change, so to speak albeit forced. That is what we do not want.

We want to be the change, to determine how it is to be done, where and when it is to be carried out so we can benefit from the good that can be derived from change.

There is a third reason, the little changes we make to our dietary habits will play a part in helping the problems which plague our common home — Earth.

So we have three powerful reasons to change, to opt for a healthier way of life. What remains to be seen is if we will do anything about it, if even one of the three.

If we need more reasons to change, late last year global attention was firmly focused on meetings in the German city of Bonn where climate change was the main topic of discussion.

Where they could, delegates opted or the choice was made for them, for the more environmentally-friendly option; bicycles and walking instead of cars.

Maybe those who were there, and with our active support, can be our driving local agents of change to the global community showing that we are always working to protect our island and world-wide home.

We cannot continue being selfish. We have to really think of our children, those who depend on us, our communities, country and common home as we all strive to make that healthy decision.

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