Passage of time

Fred Wesley | Saturday, January 20, 2018
Life can certainly be like a roller coaster. There are ups and there are downs in our lives.

We each deal differently with the various scenarios that unfold before us.

We laugh and embrace the joyous moments in our lives, and we shed tears when emotions overcome us.

There are moments in our lives that will inch out great pride.

They are special.

We have shared many such moments over the 148 year history of The Fiji Times, telling stories that needed to be told. They evoked different emotions in different people.

Today, we would like to reiterate our position as a newspaper that takes no sides.

There is a public service ethic at the heart of most of the stories we cover.

We will continue to strive for balance, fairness and accuracy.

If we make mistakes, we will not hesitate to correct them and apologise.

We place great value on the ethics of good journalism and will strive to offer a platform that people can use to raise an opinion or voice their concerns.

Understandably, we all have differing views of what constitutes good news. We accept that we may all differ in what we consider as special and close to our hearts.

It is not just about holding power to account anymore.

We all can be a vital part of moving our nation forward.

We each can contribute effectively in nation-building.

We will strive to provide clarity, facts our readers can trust and information that will allow them to make informed decisions daily.

It is never an easy task we know. There are many stumbling blocks that we must overcome daily. Yet in the face of daunting challenges which include negative perceptions, we know we must strive to do our best.

We must strive for reports and pictures that are written and edited with care.

To be seen as anti-government or pro-government are charges that do us no favour as a responsible media organisation.

We would rather be seen as a newspaper that takes no side; simply a newspaper of integrity.

We are not a newspaper hell-bent on hurting a government. Our passion is to ensure our readers know we have a sense of fairness about us.

We will strive for accuracy and balance and intend to do justice to every story we print and picture we use.

We will endeavour to make sure our readers see in us a newspaper that is easy to read, has entertaining and educational information and pictures, plus believability and authority.

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