Eticketing debate

Ilisabeta Camaivuna, Tamavua, Suva | Friday, January 19, 2018
This is in response to Edward Kumar (The Fiji Times 09/01) and Kirti Patel (The Fiji Times 11/01).

Keeping it short and objective. Eticketing is about progress and transparency. We are in 2018, let's embrace innovation and progress, especially one that is helping with transparency.

I agree, we are all humans and do tend to forget things every now and then, but there are certain things we tend to as humans be disciplined about and make a note to not to forget. A remedy to your problem — get organised.

Check that you have your e-card in your wallet/purses before going to bed every night and check that you have your wallet/purse on you before leaving the house. Enter a reminder on your smartphone (if you have one) to top-up once a week. If you don't have a smartphone, then discipline yourself to top-up every week on a certain day. This way you will never run out of credit.

We were taught as children that if we are frequently rushing to do things then that means we are disorganised — simple. When I travel on public transport I don't look for my e-card just before boarding the bus — disorganised people do that.

Bus drivers are humans too. They don't like handling money! They deserve progress in their work; freedom from the hassle of issuing the correct change, handling dirty money, dealing with passengers fussing about looking for the correct change or presenting high denomination notes and holding up other passengers.

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