Voter response

Fred Wesley | Friday, January 19, 2018
The revelation that 624,404 Fijians are expected to cast their votes in this year's general election is interesting.

That is an increase from 591,101 registered voters at the 2014 General Election.

This time around, the Central and Western divisions make up more than two thirds of the 2018 total voting population.

There are 263,506 voters registered for the Central Division and 232,606 voters for the West.

The Fijian Elections Office said the Northern Division had a voting population of 94,408 while the Eastern Division had 26,320 voters.

More men, it said, would be voting in this year's election, totalling 315,624 voters, against 308,780 female voters.

With elections earmarked for this year, perhaps it is apt that we consider the fact that people differ in the way they think.

Perceptions will differ and opinions will take many directions.

There may be consensus on some issues and disagreement on others.

There will naturally be differences in the way we do things, right up to the values we espouse.

What will bring joy to one may not necessarily do the same for another.

What may be considered the right thing to do by one, may not be so for some people.

That is why the election process is special.

It allows you the voter, to express yourself albeit in a process that is designed to ensure you alone know who you have voted for.

We make no bones about our commitment to aiding in the process that will culminate in you the voter fulfilling your duty for the nation.

As a newspaper, we have chosen not to take any side and instead offer each political party an opportunity to be heard.

History will tell us many stories.

It will tell us about issues that are dear to our hearts.

History will also tell us about many positive things.

That is why, to ensure we do not repeat mistakes of the past, we must learn to always appreciate and value history.

It is encouraging to see the Fijian Elections Office laying down the base for another election year.

It also is encouraging to note the fact that quite a lot of people have made the decision to be part of the election process this year.

It is important to know that you all can have a say in how our country moves forward into the future.

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